This version is the one from the latest movie.

Watched in on Netflix and it was an interesting story.

I would like to get the shrinking ant-man vinylmation to complete the duo but it seems to be a rare item to get. With a bit of patience, maybe…

Ant-Man – Hank Pym

I knew there was a few versions of the Ant-Man but this vinylmation got me to read this article that explains more about the origin.

There are many surprising facts in the wiki article but one that standed out was that Ant-Man is part of the team that discovered the frozen Captain America. The movie did not show it that way.

Now I have to watch Civil War to see Ant-Man in action again.

Nick Fury

There is no resemblance with Samuel L. Jackson version of the character but it is closer to the comic book version.

I like the character but I wish there was an accessory with guy. It would make it more interesting.

Spider Woman

“What the hell” is my first reaction to this character. Is there a need for every super hero to have a feminine equivalent?

Business/Copyright law probably forces these creations that are not very original.

Wikipedia has a very interesting article about all the variants on that character and they explain why Stan Lee decided to have this character created.

Not only is the character not very original, I am not a big fan of this vinylmation. Not the most elaborate design and the costume is a bit flat to my taste. With so many variant of the Spider-Woman character they could have picked something better.

Easy to criticize when you don’t have to operate within the same restrictions.


Mythic character that Chris Hemsworth has certainly made quite sexy and popular in the last few years.

The hammer probably takes half the attention from this character. You have to be worthy to be able to lift it and  Captain America certainly scared Thor in the Ultron movie by slightly moving it. I am now impatient to see if there will be a moment where it will really happen.

Nice vinylmation to go in the series and somewhat unavoidable.

Iron Man

To continue my Marvel series I have Iron Man. There are a few different ones available from all the many series with Marvel.

This one is from the Avengers series since you can easily see the Avenger logo in his Mickey ear. There is another that looks similar from the Marvel 1 series.

The “original” looking Iron Man is in the Marvel series 3 but the ones I would like to get are the duo from the Marvel set.

One day I will have all the Iron Men…


Black Panther

He is part of the series so I might as well get him, I just have no clue what he has been part of.

A little bit of reading and I can only conclude that I had never really seen him before.


Black Panther

Black Window

Disney has purchased a few other big franchises out there so it is unavoidable that you will get Vinylmations from those very popular movies.

With the Marvel universe, I find the movies are often about the male super heroes but too many female characters end up in support roles.

Black Widow ends up being in a few movies from Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers. She could easily have her own but I would be more than surprised if they decided to do that.

Nice Vinylmation to start my Marvel series.

Syndrome as a Robot

I have a few from the Robots Series and a few months ago I found someone that had Syndrome for sale.

This means that I am only missed the chaser from that series: Sid.

Chasers and variants are not easy to get at a reasonable price so it may be a while before I can complete that one.

Small Pause

For the last few weeks I have been busy with a new role at work so I did not take the time to post anything.

I am painting my new shelves to put more vinylmations on my office walls so I should be posting new pictures this week.

I still have a tray to open.

I also got a box full of vinylmations many weeks ago that I have not opened since I had nowhere to put them.